What kind of assets can I give to establish an account?

You have the flexibility to give the asset that makes the most sense for your specific situation. Almost any asset can potentially become a charitable gift…stocks and other securities, real estate, business interests (particularly prior to a sale), life insurance, farm commodities, equipment and collectibles .

Why should I give appreciated assets?

The federal tax law makes gifts of appreciated assets owned for one year, advantageous for many people.

  • Appreciation on charitable gifts is not subject to capital gain tax
  • You receive a tax deduction for the fair market value
  • The actual cost to you could be significantly lower when using appreciated assets

Can I give to any of my favorite charities?

Yes, not only can you give to member organizations of Barnabas Foundation, but you can give to any qualified charity.

Can I establish a recurring charitable grant payment?

Yes, you may specify automatic recurring payments to your favorite charities on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

How quickly will my grant requests be processed?

All requests that are approved by Thursday, generate checks mailed directly to the organizations you recommend by Friday of the same week.

What if my favorite charity experiences an urgent need?

In an emergency we will work with you to accommodate your request.

Will I be able to access my account online?

Yes, you may submit grant requests using our E-Grant system. You have online access to your current account balance, and grant and contribution history. You have the option to view your account statement online at anytime.