With Barnabas Foundation, you can offer the third-party expertise individuals need to make informed decisions, providing a lasting blessing to your organization. 

Planting seeds for the future

Estate Family Planning

Through your Barnabas Foundation membership, the individuals and families who support your organization can call on us for personalized planning advice as they consider their gifts and bequests.

Estate Planning

Like our Father, your supporters will make plans for the people and causes they love—plans to prosper them, to give them hope and a future.

Every believer should understand the benefits of a Living Trust, and the importance of a Power of Attorney for property and a Power of Attorney for health care. During one-on-one consultations, our Estate Planning attorneys will help navigate and advise on the legal and financial implications for your supporters. Thanks to member ministries like you, we’ve assisted thousands of Christians and their families with their Estate Plans, all at no charge or obligation to your supporters.

Send your supporters to us for answers to questions like:

Gift Planning

For supporters looking to establish a Planned Gift to your organization, we can assist with multiple gift opportunities. Barnabas Foundation experts can work with supporters individually to recommend the best type of gift to match their goals and outline details like tax implications. We also issue Gift Annuities, provide Trustee services for Charitable Remainder and Charitable Lead Trusts, and even administer a Donor-Advised Fund to facilitate gifts given during an individual’s lifetime.

We’ll provide clear and actionable answers to your supporters’ questions:

Your families can rest easy knowing the support they sow will reap kingdom rewards.

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