Do you have a will?  A will is a final statement of your wishes regarding the assets in your estate. A will does not eliminate the need for probate court intervention as many people mistakenly believe, but it gives the probate court direction as to how the assets should be distributed. Also, in most states, a will is the document used to name guardians of minor children.

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If you don't have a will, the state has one for you. State laws direct what will be done with your assets and possibly even who are appropriate guardians for your children. Unfortunately, the state does not take into account your personal values, Christian commitment, family situation or special needs.

A will is often used to provide a gift or bequest to charity. Bequests are usually among the largest contributions that a charity receives. A bequest is an excellent way to support causes that are important to those who may not be able to give such a substantial gift during their lifetime.

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