Like loaves and fishes, you can multiply the gifts of your supporters - and watch God accomplish more than you’d dared to dream.

Multiplying God’s gifts

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From the parable of the talents, we know that we honor the Lord when we maximize His gifts. Barnabas Foundation can provide tools for you and expertise for your supporters, so that together you can build assets for your ministry's future.

Gift Administration

As your financial partner, Barnabas Foundation will not only help your supporters structure their gifts, but act as a conduit for their charitable contributions as well. Your supporters can donate gifts (including non-cash ones) to the care of Barnabas Foundation and we’ll pass through all proceeds according to their instructions.

We don’t keep any portion of these gifts. It’s just a service we offer to simplify gift-giving to our members—because there shouldn’t be any obstacles to living generously.

Gifting an asset as opposed to cash can have significant tax benefits. Because of our experience and expertise, we are able to accept non-liquid assets from your supporters, including:

  • Stock and other securities

  • Real estate  

  • Business interests

  • Life insurance

  • Commodities  

  • IRAs or retirement assets  

  • Bequests from wills and trusts

Asset Management

Our highly qualified Investment Committee, upon the recommendation of our investment consultant, approves and monitors investment opportunities that will help you achieve your ministry’s goals. And our large member network allows us to combine givers’ assets and engage nationally recognized investment management firms at competitive fee levels.

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