Services Provided…

Our gift administration services provide convenience and capability to Christian charitable organizations

Charitable Gift Annuities

As a public charity, Barnabas Foundation issues Charitable Gift Annuities on behalf of our member charities.  While some members issue their own Gift Annuities, many use the services of Barnabas Foundation for their Gift Annuity program. An advantage of using the Foundation is that the ultimate distribution of a Gift Annuity may be designated to support more than one charity.

Barnabas Foundation also provides Charitable Gift Annuity administration services for member charities.  Barnabas Foundation makes payments to the beneficiary and provides them with the appropriate tax documents and manages the assets on behalf of the charity. 

 Charitable Trust Services

Charitable Remainder Trusts must be administered according to a set of strict IRS requirements.  Barnabas Foundation will provide Trustee services for supporters upon request.  We will serve as Trustee and administer Trusts when Barnabas Foundation is named as the charitable beneficiary. As is the case with Gift Annuities and charitable bequests to Barnabas Foundation, the donor provides a charitable Distribution Request Form for the ultimate distribution of charitable assets coming from the Trust. This service allows individuals to change the list of charities at any time without amending the Trust document.

Stewards Fund

The Barnabas Foundation Stewards Fund is a donor-advised fund.  It is designed to maximize charitable giving and simplify the process.

A Stewards Fund account allows individuals to make one gift to Barnabas Foundation and then recommend distributions to their favorite charities at a later date. The donor receives an immediate tax benefit and the flexibility to provide gifts to charities at ideal times. 

A Stewards Fund account may be established by contributing any of a number of different types of assets. Depending on the asset contributed, other tax benefits may be gained as well.