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  • Devotionals for Individuals and Families: Money Matters

  • Madelyn De Groot Testimony

    Apple of the Teacher’s Eye …

    People just do not realize the benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity!” was Madelyn De Groot’s comment. “They just do not know.”

  • Peter de Graaf Testimony

    You don’t have to be 100 to leave a legacy…

    Peter de Graaf wanted to live to be 100 years old, hoping he could personally support the charities he cared about for many years. Although he passed away at age 85, the Lord used Peter’s charitable intentions to not only bless untold numbers of people, but also to inspire us today with important lessons from his experience.

  • 10 Financial Principles that are Biblical

    This 10-part series highlights financial principles found in God’s Word that instruct us in conducting our financial affairs.

  • 5 Secrets of Good and Faithful Servants

    Do you have kids or grandkids that like to keep secrets? A secret, the dictionary reports, is something hidden from view. That’s a good description of the hearts of “good and faithful servants” that Jesus described in Matthew 25. Although motivations of the heart are not always visible, Jesus takes notice and ultimately commends them. Here are 5 “secrets” of good and faithful servants that we trust will be an encouragement to you as you grow in your walk with the Lord.

  • 50 Ways To Help Save The Earth by Rebecca Barnes-Davies

    If you are looking for ways to “go green,” this book will provide you with green alternatives for your home and your church.

  • 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker

    In this book, Jen Hatmaker asks the question What would happen if we decided to live more simply? Jen takes that challenge. Jen, living the average American life, decided to take a step against greed, overindulgence, and materialism after a poor child called her “rich”. Jen never thought of herself as rich; however when, realizing in comparison to some, she was rich the decision to start this experiment was made.

  • A Christmas Carol Story of Stewardship - Dan Conway

    A sermon by Dan Conway. 

  • A Fresh Look at Church Giving Trends

    This webinar is on a fresh look at Church giving trends with Marcia Shetler.

  • A Lay Stewardship Witness - Jim Blum, Episcopal Church of the Nativity

    Sermon given by Jim Blum, Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Phoenix/Scottsdale, December 11, 2011.

  • A Matter of the Heart

    Most people immediately think of money when they hear the word “stewardship.” But stewardship is so much bigger than finances. It’s really a heart issue – a longing to offer everything we are and have to Him. Consider these truths from the Word of God as you prayerfully ask the Lord to make your heart more in tune with His.

  • ABC’s of Handling Money God’s Way

    Teach your children what the Bible says about money! This Bible-based curriculum uses an interesting story and fun activities to teach kids the basics about money.