50 Ways To Help Save The Earth by Rebecca Barnes-Davies

If you are looking for ways to “go green,” this book will provide you with green alternatives for your home and your church.

50 Ways To Help Save The Earth

The author also gives steps on how to be better stewards over the earth God has given us. “Building community to care for creation should be fun! Being with other people, working to curb climate change and create peace, should be a kind of jubilee. Restoring relationship with others is part of our human vocation.”

Features and Strengths 

Use of Scripture: Each green tip and section throughout the book has a scripture verse to support it. This book shows us not only what to do to be good stewards of God’s green earth, but also reinforces how we are left with the responsibility to take care of what God provided. Planting a garden or buying from local farmers will save on wasting energy and natural resources in the shipping of fresh produce around the world. It also impacts our local ecosystem in a great way. “And the Holy God planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there God put the human whom God had formed.” Genesis 2:8 

Easy to read: This book is a very simple “how to” book. The author gives us creative ideas on what we can change in our everyday life. “Avoid plastics. Plastic does not biodegrade; it only breaks up into smaller pieces and continues to pollute our water.” Every few pages is dedicated to a new tip to try. 

Practical steps: The book contains step-by-step guidance on how to make both small and large changes to help save the earth and use our own resources.  “Enjoy slow food.” The author suggests finding recipes that use local, seasonal ingredients and incorporating them in your meals. Pray before meals to be mindful and thankful of what God has given us and delight in the food. Make your meals the evening entertainment by enjoying good conversation and community with others, instead of driving to the movies or eating out. 


The author explains that we have forgotten how to be good stewards of everything God has provided in His creation. “God, you created the world and called it good. Yet we consume natural resources at a frightening pace to fuel our fast-paced lives. As we enter a period of food crises, climate change, and increased population, guides us in your wisdom to find ways to limit our energy use and to find sustainable energy sources.” Not only can we make an impact by changing things in our own homes, but the author challenges us to make a difference in our churches as well, a suggestion most of us may not even have considered.  Creating a “creation care team” or “green group” in your church could help preserve resources, as well as building community in our congregations and towns.

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