About Barnabas Foundation

Featuring information in your regular communication with church members is a great way to educate and increase awareness. These resources are ideal for newsletters and other communications and will help you introduce your partnership with Barnabas Foundation. 

For over 35 years, Barnabas Foundation has been advancing God’s kingdom by providing quality planned giving and estate planning services. The goal is to help caring Christians strengthen support for the ministries that are important to them. With that goal in mind, the foundation also offers stewardship development and education for churches. This program serves as a catalyst for churches to develop good stewards, based upon God’s ownership of all gifts. 

“Barnabas...owned a tract of land, sold it and brought the money and laid it at the apostles’ feet.” Acts 4:36-37 (NASB). This little-remembered fact about Barnabas tells us much about his Christian commitment. 

Over a quarter of a century ago, inspired by this act of love and gratitude, a small group of professionals formed the charitable, non-profit Barnabas Foundation. The philosophy behind the foundation is that we are stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. Part of good stewardship is making certain that we manage our assets properly during our lifetime and beyond. This is part of our spiritual responsibility to God.


  • They are committed to the principles of Christian Stewardship. Every discussion of the use of God’s resources is based upon recognition that God owns it all. It is our responsibility to act as God’s stewards with the management of His gifts to us.
  • They help Christians accomplish their individual and family estate planning goals. This means that income needs and requirements are considered in each plan. Attorneys who are knowledgeable in charitable giving benefits as well as estate plans, facilitate the process.
  • They assume complete confidentiality in the planning process. People feel secure in providing necessary information to develop an estate plan because the planning is objective and independent, and all information is confidential. Financial details and family situations are not disclosed to anyone. They do not sell or encourage any particular financial or investment products. Nor do they refer people or companies offering investment products.
  • Their planning services are provided to individuals at no charge. They provide their services free of charge and with no obligation, thanks to the annual contributions made by the foundation’s 200 Christian member organizations, including our church.
  • They do not ask for any gifts. No gifts to Barnabas Foundation are either solicited or encouraged. You can be assured that they do no fundraising for themselves or other organizations as part of the planning process.
  • They provide stewardship development and education to churches. They help motivate Christians to be faithful stewards of the resources God has given them. Their purpose is to advance the understanding of stewards hip as an essential part of a Christian lifestyle.


  • Clear and easy-to-understand planning information. This is especially important if you’re making your first will. It’s also critical to the review and update of an existing Will.
  • Answers to your specific questions. You probably have questions about wills, trusts and estate taxes. You are interested in learning more about planning options for your own particular family situation.
  • Estate planning visits. During this meeting, your family’s total situation and requirements are evaluated. This may result in your first estate plan or may revamp an existing one. It may be as complex as formulating a new approach to meet unusual needs and goals and to eliminate unnecessary taxes.
  • Estate planning expertise. Barnabas Foundation’s experience and knowledge may help you save taxes, minimize family disputes, or protect elderly parents. It may help you provide for a disabled family member, transfer a family farm or business, or avoid probate expenses and delay.
  • Computer calculations for charitable gifts. Barnabas Foundation provides these and other resources to local attorneys and others involved in estate planning. Their desire is to help assure that the goals of Christian donors are fully and accurately achieved at the lowest possible cost.
  • Competent local Christian attorney referral choices. If a donor does not have an attorney and desires one with similar values, they will try to assist. 

Informative Estate Planning Presentations. Barnabas Foundation makes presentations to groups associated with local churches, Christian schools and other Christian organizations. Content varies from that of interest to general audiences to presentations customized for special groups.

You will also find helpful articles and information in current and archived issues of our e-newsletter, Stewardship Spotlight.

Use this copy to introduce Barnabas Foundation to your church members.  This copy explains how and why we began, how we work with individuals and what we offer.