Barnabas Foundation offers a variety of educational, planning and marketing resources to support your church or ministry’s stewardship and Planned Giving efforts.

Additional members-only resources (including marketing templates, webinars, planning tools and more) can be accessed by clicking above to log into the Member Center.  To learn more about becoming a Member Organization, Click Here.

  • About Barnabas Foundation

    Featuring information in your regular communication with church members is a great way to educate and increase awareness. These resources are ideal for newsletters and other communications and will help you introduce your partnership with Barnabas Foundation. 

  • Advisors e-Newsletter

    Offers financial professionals tax and other updates designed for Planned Gift advisors.

  • All Church Wants is My Money - Rev. Tony Meyer

    Check out this sermon by Rev. Tony Meyer on why we shouldn’t feel uncomfortable talking about money.

  • Barnabas Foundation Donor Video, with Tribute


    Are you looking for help in planning for your family’s future?  This video explains how Barnabas Foundation provides planning services tailored to your family situation.  

  • Barnabas Foundation Generosity Video


    Barnabas Foundation has developed the “Generosity” video which can be shown as part of a stewardship emphasis before worship, during worship, or as an introduction to an adult education opportunity.  It was developed for use in the church as a way to encourage church members to consider the incredible legacy they leave for others. 

  • Barnabas Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy

    Forms & Information, Policies

    Barnabas Foundation is a religious not-for-profit distinctly Christian organization. These guidelines provide information about the types of gifts Barnabas Foundation accepts.  

  • Barnabas Foundation Stewards Fund Policy

    Forms & Information, Policies

    This policy provides details on how the Stewards Fund operates. Our Stewards Fund is a donor-advised fund.  It provides an excellent opportunity to meet a donor’s charitable giving goals with the flexibility to ensure that their gifts are used most effectively. 

  • Barriers to Serving I

    Part 1 of the Barriers to Serving 3-part series with Rev. Doug Bouws.

  • Barriers to Serving II

    Part 2 of the Barriers to Serving 3-part series with Rev. Doug Bouws.

  • Barriers to Serving III

    Part 3 of the Barriers to Serving 3-part series with Rev. Doug Bouws.

  • Becoming Money Smart by Max Lucado

    A personal finance book by Max Lucado? It’s true, Max Lucado - named “America’s Pastor” by Christianity Today magazine and “The Best Preacher in America” by Reader’s Digest has written a book on biblical financial stewardship!

  • Best Investment Advice - Rev. Dan Sarkipato

    Part 5 of the Treasure Principle 6-part series.