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  • Family Devotions: Where Do I Start?

  • Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey

  • Firstfruits: A Stewardship Guide for Church Leaders by Robert C. Heerspink

  • For Earth’s Sake by Stephen Bede Scharper

    In our society, we are constantly bombarded with stories of climate change, environmental devastation, and ecological issues. In this book, Stephen Scharper points out the most pressing problems and invites us to solve them. The result is a collection of articles by Scharper for the Toronto Sun. It took many years to amass and is wonderfully composed,
    introduced, and dissected by Simon Appolloni. Both Scharper and Appolloni come from academia, and the concepts are not run-of-the-mill. Appolloni breaks down Scharper’s articles into three main sections: Revealing-The Pain of Loss and the Delight in Wonder, Reflecting-What on Earth are We Doing?, and Redeeming- A Creative Space for New Life-giving relationships. Following each section are “Questions to Ponder and Exercises to Consider.” All of the subjects posed require valuable attention so we can live in harmony with His Creation.

  • For the Life of the World

    Letters to the Exiles
    Produced by the Acton Institute

    A wildly inventive video series, For the Life of the World,” addresses seven parts of the connection between economics and faith. These seven “spheres” correspond to each episode: Exile, The Economy of Love, The Economy of Creative Service, The Economy of Order, The Economy of Wisdom, The Economy of Wonder, and The Church. Evan Koons, the star of this film series, guides us through an entirely holistic view of stewardship by returning us to God’s original plan of His economy- “oikonomia.”

  • Free and Clear by Howard Dayton

    Debt has become a massive everyday normality in today’s world, causing unnecessary stress for individuals and families. “Debt damages more than our personal finances; it also often increases stress, which contributes to mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. It can compromise health and at times, lead to serious illness. It can harm relationships and marriages.”

  • Freed Up Financial Living (Adults)

    Willow Creek Association: This biblical money management course refreshes and expands on their time-tested Good $ense Budget Course (used in more than 5,000 churches). The updated version features revised participant materials, new videos, and all of the teaching on DVD conducted by seasoned financial ministry leaders Dick Towner, John Tofilon, and Shannon Plate.

  • Freed-Up in Later Life by Dick Towner

    The fundamental question Dick Towner asks is “What do you want your later years to look like?”  The Teaching DVD and Participant’s Workbook from the Good Sense Life Curriculum directs us to answer this question while incorporating God’s life plans for us as stewards. Through God’s Word, we clearly understand we need to honor Him in our life journey, which includes retirement. In order to do so, we need to plan accordingly, and Towner explains how to financially prepare for the future in this valuable coaching guide. Along with financial planner Dan Rotter, Towner helps us create and carry out a plan in session two of the two part workshop.

  • Generosity: What’s Age Got to Do with It?

    This webinar discusses generosity and age with Karl Travis.

  • Generous Giving - Rev. Tom Kok

    This is a sermon on generous giving with Rev. Tom Kok.

  • Getting a Fresh Start in Life - Rev. Al Schaap

    This is a sermon with  Rev. Al Schaap.

  • Giving to God: The Bible’s Good News about Living a Generous Life by Mark Allan Powell

    If you are new to stewardship and teaching the concept of generosity as it pertains to our Christian faith, Mark Allen Powell’s Giving to God is a wonderful introduction. Not only is it simple enough for everyone to follow along with, but for seasoned experts, Powell also presents new ways to think about stewardship, particularly as a lifestyle. With a few handy acronyms and concise testimonies, Powell teaches us the power of giving and “shows Christians the way to a better life and a better relationship with their money - and with God.”