Madelyn De Groot Testimony

Apple of the Teacher's Eye ...

"People just do not realize the benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity!" was Madelyn De Groot's comment. "They just do not know."

De Groot Madelyn

Having shared knowledge her entire 25 years as a teacher, Madelyn leaves an incredible legacy. She wanted other Christians to recognize the value this giving opportunity represents.

For Madelyn, a Gift Annuity was a great way to give. She received an immediate tax deduction while getting increased income for life, with the remainder going to her favorite Christian causes. Barnabas Foundation is a good option for gift annuities because she was able to support several different Christian organizations with a single Gift Annuity.

Madelyn used Gift Annuities for years because she recognized a number of Charitable Gift Annuity benefits:

  • An immediate tax deduction
  • Substantially higher income than from her CDs
  • A portion of the income is tax-free
  • Several favorite charities will benefit at her death

She was always quick to recognize that it's important to give during your lifetime. Madelyn said, “You have to think of the Lord's work first. My four children, all grown and married, are pretty well set. They told me to manage the gifts God has given me in the way I felt led.”

Madelyn went on to marvel at the great opportunities that young people have today versus her years during the depression. “Too many people worry about having enough money rather than trusting in the Lord to provide.” Madelyn is still a great teacher in the legacy that she leaves!

SPECIAL NOTE: Madelyn went to her heavenly home on August 28, 2010. Her family wishes to continue to recognize her outstanding example of a Christian steward.