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A Legacy of Love

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Someone recently told me about a meaningful experience he’d shared with his father as a young man. At that time, he had believed in Jesus, but he did not love Him.

The gentleman recalled how his father had placed his hand on his shoulder and said, “It’s okay. When you are my age, you will come to love Jesus the way I do – and you will want to serve Him because of the way you love Him.”

That statement was very powerful in this teenager’s life. Today, as a father of adult children, he describes his relationship with the Lord as one filled with deep love.

Now, he is contemplating the legacy he and his wife will leave to their own children – and I had the privilege of discussing with them how their estate plan could help them communicate their values.

As we think about the future and the legacy we want to pass onto our families, most of us are more passionate about passing down our spiritual values than we are about transferring financial assets. Your estate plan is one helpful tool in sharing those values with the people you love; we would be happy to show you how.

If you would like to have a conversation with a planner or if we can assist you in any other way, please email us at planning@BarnabasFoundation.org or call 888.448.3040.