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Barnabas Foundation Celebrates Record-Breaking $85 Million in Charitable Gifts

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With their final tally completed for 2017, Barnabas Foundation celebrates $85,399,099 in gifts received this year, to be distributed in the form of grants to churches, ministries and charitable organizations. This marks a 46% increase over last year, and Barnabas Foundation’s largest year of charitable gifts received since its founding in 1976.

Individuals and families gave a  record-breaking number of gifts in the form of cash, stock, mutual funds, bonds, real estate and other assets, largely through the Stewards Fund (donor-advised fund) or as estate gifts. Barnabas Foundation, in turn, will distribute these gifts to a variety of charities, including its 200 member ministries. 

“It’s exciting to imagine the ultimate impact of these gifts,” said Executive Director Jim Bakke. “Our member ministries will translate these dollars into disaster relief, education, Christian broadcasting, evangelism, discipleship training, and so much more.” 

Director of Finance Dave Schutt attributes 2017’s growth to a “perfect storm” of incentives.

“There’s been a multi-year run of growth in investment markets, plus last minute changes in tax law that made it advantageous to give before year’s end,” said Schutt.

Bakke adds that while external factors certainly amplified giving, he observes a consistent pattern of generosity among the individuals and families Barnabas Foundation serves.

“They are passionate about using their God-given resources to advance kingdom-building causes,” he said. “It’s humbling and incredibly rewarding to be part of what God’s doing in and through their lives.”

Barnabas Foundation helps generous Christians give more effectively to the ministries close to their hearts, enabling them to achieve the greatest good – for their families and God’s Kingdom. For more information, email, visit or call 888.448.3040.