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Do I Really Need a Will?

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Q. Do I really need a will?

A. For many Christians, a will is an expression of their belief that God owns everything and wants us to manage the resources entrusted to us. Almost no other action you take will speak as powerfully to future generations about what matters most to you!

Having a will may help you to...

  • Save taxes
  • Minimize family disputes
  • Provide for a family member with special needs
  • Transfer a family farm or business
  • Avoid probate expenses and delay
  • Give to your favorite ministries in substantial ways

Q. Are there any life milestones when I should consider updating my will?

A. People commonly update their wills at important life occasions, like having a child or losing a loved one. But there are other subtle transitions that have implications on your estate plans.

  • Family. Have you or your children recently married, remarried or divorced? Have you gained family members through birth, adoption or marriage?
  • Charitable Relationships. Have you become more involved in a particular ministry?
  • Time. Has it been more than three years since you last reviewed your will?

These and other life transitions warrant a close review of your plans!

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