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Let Your Light Shine Wherever You Are

Article Type: Life Stories

If you want to catch Roger and Audrey, you’d better call early in the morning. Each at the age of 90, Roger and Audrey are on the move every day.

Connecting and investing in the community is how they have spent their 67 years of married life together. “We think it’s important,” states Rog.

Roger and Audrey recently befriended Ann, a woman who was going through a divorce while receiving chemotherapy for cancer. “Rog and I often go to McDonald’s for coffee from the YMCA,” remarks Audrey. “And one day Ann asked, ‘Can I come along?’” Eventually, Ann received Christ as her Lord and Savior and a week later, she was baptized by Rog and Audrey’s pastor. The next day, she passed on to glory with Jesus.

“God used us as friends first,” reflects Audrey, “then to lead her to Christ.”

Over many years, Rog and Audrey have supported and volunteered with dozens of organizations, both public and faith-based.

As far as they are concerned, it's all God's work.

“We just felt we were serving the Lord in the community,” says Rog.

“We have four families,” notes Audrey. “There’s our own family, our church family, our YMCA family and our McDonald’s family.”

“All of it is about God’s Kingdom and loving Jesus,” says Rog. “Our motto is: ‘Let your light shine wherever you are.’”

To this end, the Rog and Audrey have plans to leave most of their estate to charity. Many of the same organizations they contributed to over the years will continue to be supported well beyond their lifetimes.

Rog and Audrey have spent their days shining the light of Jesus in their community. Their sincere prayer is that others will also be inspired to reach out and give of their time and resources to follow God’s leading.

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