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Giving with Urgency

Article Type: Life Stories

The Simple, Timely Solution for Tom and Dee

“Every day that we wait means money is not being used for its purpose.”

This urgency voiced by Tom characterizes the giving approach of he and his wife, Dee. “We’re giving money to things that promote Jesus Christ,” reflects Tom.

Tom and Dee have honed this focus for 20 years – but it hasn’t always been easy. Because their giving is done almost exclusively with appreciated stock, there’s been some glitches along the way.

“Many of the organizations we support just don’t have the mechanism to accept and sell common stocks,” explains Tom. Additionally, they discovered some of their favorite ministries were paying exorbitant fees to accept gifted stock.

To simplify their giving and maximize its impact, Tom and Dee opened a Stewards Fund, a donor-advised fund through Barnabas Foundation. “It’s the best way we’ve found to take noncash assets and convert them into cash for ministry,” says Tom.

Now, what once took several weeks to complete has sped up considerably.

“Last fall, we took our gift and gave it to Barnabas Foundation,” recalls Tom. “Everything flowed right through, just like a laundry chute!”

Greater efficiency is about more than just convenience. Tom and Dee use their Stewards Fund to grant timely distributions toward the ongoing needs of ministries.

“It doesn’t do any good to give them a bunch of money once a year,” remarks Tom. “They have people to feed or minister to every single month.”

Through their Stewards Fund, Tom and Dee can contribute stock into a single charitable giving account and then recommend grants to a variety of ministries whenever they see a need.

“The biggest problem Barnabas Foundation solves for us,” Tom points out, “is providing a way to send money on a regular basis, without having to sell stock each time. They get the cash and send the ministries a check.”

Tom and Dee require smart and powerful giving solutions that support their passion for Gospel ministry. The Stewards Fund is the perfect tool to meet this need.

“We do give money to ministries that are helping the disadvantaged and the poor,” remarks Tom. “But our prime objective is furthering the Gospel. That’s what we do, and that’s where both our physical and financial efforts go.”

To learn more about the Stewards Fund and other giving options, contact Barnabas Foundation at 1.888.448.3040 or