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Here’s A Plan to Exceed This Year’s Budget

Article Type: Pastor to Pastor

By Rev. Phillip Leo, Church Communications Director

“Giving was really strong in 2021.”

I heard this comment from many of you last year. Reflecting on God’s goodness and the faithful giving of His people, you explained how even the unrelenting demands of the global pandemic could not suppress the generosity of God’s people.

Whether long-time members or freshly minted supporters, so many believers came together to push their church’s ministry through wave after wave of pandemic hardship.


Now it’s 2022, and this year’s budget (at least for the calendar year) isn’t exactly screaming for attention. But what would it be like if, right now, your church set this year’s giving goal to exceed budget expectations?

Crazy talk? Sure, if we’re just talking cash gifts. But when non-cash gifts, such as appreciated stock, real estate, business interests or commodities are in play, anything’s possible. That’s because most people carry only 10 percent of their wealth in cash. The remaining 90 percent is held in the form of non-cash assets.

Non-cash gifts almost always surpass cash gifts in size.

So, what’s the plan to receive them? And how much work is it? Surprisingly, it’s as easy as one, two, three — especially if you know the right information to forward to the right people!

Step One: Open a Treasure Account – This is a free account with Barnabas Foundation that makes it easy for your church to receive non-cash assets. Forward your deacons and treasurer this information sheet about a Treasure Account and this one-page application.

Step Two: Promote Non-Cash Gifts – Begin with Generosity Today, Barnabas Foundation’s quarterly newsletter designed to inspire non-cash giving and gifts from a will. This is already being sent to your church in both email and PDF formats! If you haven’t seen it, ask your church office about it or reach out to me.

Step Three: Promote Year-End, Non-Cash Gifts – By making a non-cash gift, members can support your church’s ministry and reduce their tax burden. The end of the year is the perfect time to distribute Gifts That Reduce Taxes, which details the benefits and ways non-cash gifts can be made.

Although guarantees apply only to death and taxes, I’m nearly positive that if you stick to this plan you might look back at this year and say, “Giving was even stronger in 2022!”