Income for Life

Article Type: Ask a Planner

Q. I want to support my favorite charitable causes, but I also need income. How can I accomplish both of these goals?

A. Lifetime income gifts are powerful, tax-wise gifts that enable you to support your favorite ministries while securing lifetime payments for you and your loved ones. You can give cash, stock or other appreciated assets to your church and the ministries close to your heart. In exchange, you’ll receive an immediate tax deduction and then payments for life.

Q. How much will my income be?

A. The amount of your payment depends on several factors, including the type of life income gift you select and your age. At no charge to you, Barnabas Foundation can provide you an illustration of what your income would look like.

Q. Can I make this kind of gift to my church?

A. Your church’s Legacy Foundation makes it possible for lifetime income gifts to be made reliably and efficiently for your church’s ministry.

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