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Is God Worried?

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“Is God worried?”

In a recent conversation with a close friend, he repeated this question we had both heard by a Christian musical artist in the previous week. Of course, we both knew the answer — even though the issues we were discussing seemed insurmountable, as they so often do.

What I love about this life as a Jesus follower is that God is our provider, our protector and our guide. He is the source of our confidence, and through Him, we can find true strength, comfort and hope. God pours blessings into our lives, even when we face what seems like impossible situations. This frees us up to bless others.

Even as I write this, I know this is not new information to you. You exhibit your awareness of this reality by freely blessing others with your resources.

No matter our circumstances, we can rest assured that God is not worried about our situations. He wants to be a blessing to you — and through you — today.