Generations On Bench

More Influence Than You Know

Article Type: Biblical Stewardship

Did you brush your teeth? Have you eaten your veggies?

Whether it’s our children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, we routinely prompt our loved ones to consider choices that will form their lifestyle and character for the better.

But the most important question we can ask them is: Are you sharing?

While we often reserve this question for little ones, the sentiment remains true no matter the age. It’s a question of faith formation, of growing stewardship.

Michael Wolthuis, who has a Stewards Fund account through Barnabas Foundation, routinely gives to a variety of charitable organizations. When asked what inspires his generosity, he’s quick to offer several examples from his upbringing.

“Both of my parents were always committed to giving to ‘the work of the Lord,’” Michael explains. “And my grandfather – even in his retirement, when some really bad financial times hit – still made giving his priority over his lifestyle.”

His aunts and uncles were also influential. “Around age 18, instead of sending money in a birthday card, they asked my cousins and me to choose a charity. Then they’d make a donation to that charity in memory of my grandmother Wolthuis.”

Michael’s story illustrates an important truth…

We each have an opportunity and responsibility to pass the baton of generosity to the next generation. You have more influence than you know.