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Not ‘Got To’ But ‘Get To’

Article Type: Life Stories

“We don’t ‘GOT to do it,’ we GET to do it.”

Nearly 20 years into retirement, this is how Len and Joanne Kamp explain why they are so quick to share their time, abilities and resources.

Len and Joanne stay busy volunteering at a local thrift store and serving in their growing church, which they helped plant. At age 81, Len can be spotted moving furniture, loading trucks and mowing the grass for his church. Joanne helps run the thrift store’s cash register, leads a women’s Bible study and greets church visitors alongside Len.

“We get to be at these places,” emphasizes Len.

God’s blessings for the Len and Joanne has been demonstrated in dramatic fashion over the years.

Len’s father died at age 36, leaving behind his pregnant wife with eight children. “Our mother said we didn’t have an earthly father, but we had a heavenly Father,” recalls Len. “That’s what we needed.”

Len and Joanne were married when she was 20 and he 22. Their home quickly filled up with five active boys. While Joanne managed the household, Len began and grew a booming carpentry business until his boys were old enough to take over.

“It’s been a ride,” reflects Len. “God has blessed us so much.”

From this profound sense of gratitude, Len and Joanne find creative ways to give and serve.

When they built a new home, it included a basement apartment so missionaries and families in transition could stay there. When their church built a new facility, Len volunteered his construction expertise, saving the church thousands of dollars in general contracting.

Len and Joann also donated appreciated stock to help pay for that project.

“We just turned the money back,” recalls Len. “We didn’t work for it; God made that happen and so, ‘Lord, here it is right back’.”

Len and Joanne will continue to give with gratitude, well beyond their own lifetimes. They’ve worked with a Barnabas Foundation planner to map out an estate plan that will provide critical funding to their church and favorite ministries.

“Someday, we want our estate to go to promote Christ,” remarks Len.

“That’s what it’s about for us.”

Gifts in a Will

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