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Sharing Your Estate Plan With Your Loved Ones

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Q: Our kids are wondering what’s included in our wills. How do we begin the conversation?

A. It’s wonderful that you are proactively considering how you can communicate your plans to your children! Too often, people avoid these conversations – creating opportunities for confusion, angst, disappointment and chaos.

Start with the principles of your plan rather than diving right into the specifics. Explain the reasons why you updated your estate plans and how you want to be good stewards of God’s resources. Share the general direction of how you want your resources to be distributed, including your charitable goals and how you want to bless and provide for your children without undermining their initiative or integrity.

Many people share their plans through a family meeting. We have a great resource that provides additional tips on what this meeting might look like. Request your free copy of “Sharing Your Estate Plan with Your Loved Ones” by emailing