The Banker Who Hated Money

Article Type: Life Stories

For someone who began a banking career at age 17, Elanor sure had a low opinion of money.

“I hated it,” she explains. “Customers were so rude, and the more money they had, the ruder they were!”

Then Elanor came to know Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Slowly, her perspective on wealth began to change as she took in the biblical preaching at her church. She began to see how all her possessions belonged to God – including her money.

This transformation spurred Elanor on to steward her own wealth in God-honoring ways. She began by paying down burdensome credit card debt. “I realized credit cards weren’t my best friend,” she quips.

Before long, Elanor was able to support a few Christian ministries and make donations to missionaries from her church. Over the years, Elanor would continue to take even greater strides in this direction. Once while volunteering, she was handed a flyer about leaving gifts from her will through Barnabas Foundation.

“I put that flyer in my Bible,” recalls Elanor, “and I held onto it for five or six years.”

Upon retirement, Elanor wasted no time to pull out that flyer and call Barnabas Foundation. She made an appointment with a planning attorney to make sure her will would honor God, provide for her loved ones and support ministries close to her heart.

“Everything went smoothly and there was no charge for the consult,” recalls Elanor. “It was an open door the Lord provided.”

Today, Elanor has a will in place that reflects her desires after she’s gone. In addition to gifts for those who will settle her estate, Elanor plans to leave gifts for her church and at least two other ministries.

“My goal was to leave everything to further the kingdom of God,” she explains.

Elanor doesn’t look down on wealth anymore. Instead, she’s excited and thankful for her salvation and the possibilities for how her belongings might be used once she’s gone.

“It all belongs to God,” exclaims Elanor. “I’m so thankful He’s entrusted to me what I’ve been given!”

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