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The Crucial Decision No Parent Wants to Make

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4 Steps to Naming a Potential Guardian

It’s the sticking point that ends the conversation. The illusive solution you cannot find.

Who could possibly love and raise my children like I would, if I weren’t around?

The simple answer? No one.

God has uniquely gifted you to parent your children, and there’s no such thing as the “perfect” guardian to raise them in your place. However…

It’s crucial you choose a trustworthy guardian to provide for your children’s long-term spiritual, emotional and physical needs, in the unlikely event you cannot.

If something should happen to you, and you haven’t already identified a guardian for your children under 18, your state and local court system will choose FOR you. By avoiding this most important decision, you place it in the hands of strangers who have zero understanding of your faith, priorities or family dynamics.

Yes, it’s an incredibly difficult decision to name a guardian – but it’s one in which you clearly want a say. So, where do you begin?

1. Pray. Ask the Lord to guide your thoughts and give you the courage to pursue these difficult conversations.

2. Prioritize. Recognize there’s no “perfect” fit. Determine what qualities matter most to you.

3. Plan. Seek the counsel of trusted advisors who can help you weigh the pros and cons of potential guardians, and who will help you determine the next steps toward making your decision official.

4. Peace. Rest in the knowledge that the same God who created your children and has entrusted them into your care will continue to love and provide for them throughout their lifetimes.

Who Will Care for Your Children?

6 Considerations for Naming a Guardian

As you move through the process of identifying and appointing a legal guardian, here are some questions about potential candidates to guide your thoughts and conversations.

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