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"The Good News Never Stops"

Article Type: Biblical Stewardship

The Impact of the Stewards Fund

It’s no surprise that this was a challenging year for several of Barnabas Foundation’s member ministries. Even so, ministry leaders report experiencing new opportunities and God’s provision time and time again – often as a result of Stewards Fund supporters.

In the midst of their own personal challenges, Stewards Fund clients gave in overwhelming abundance throughout 2020, breaking all previous years’ records for contributions. Collectively, more than $76 million was given into the Stewards Fund, which will ultimately fund the life-changing work of churches, ministries and other charities around the world!

“2020 has definitely been filled with challenges, but the lockdowns and church closures also created incredible opportunities for media ministry,” says Jeffrey Schra, of Back to God Ministries International. “In a year marked by so much bad news about COVID-19, Stewards Fund gifts allowed us to respond quickly with timely content, reaching people around the world with the Good News of the gospel!”

Rick VanDyken of Trinity Christian College says, "Stewards Fund gifts provided significant and impactful support for many of our students this year, when their ability to enter college was negatively affected by the pandemic. These generous gifts allowed us to equip students with an excellent Christ-centered education, which they will carry into their future vocations.”

“Pandemic lockdowns, civil wars, hurricanes and typhoons, plagues of locusts, persecution, sickness and more could not stand in the way of the Gospel this year,” adds Rob Bullock of Bible League International. “Stewards Fund gifts made possible a range of creative new evangelism and discipleship tools — from WhatsApp Bible Studies and online Bible-based literacy classes, to home-based family studies and socially-distanced Scripture dedications. The Good News never stops!”

The faithfulness of Stewards Fund donors will result in transformed lives and Kingdom- building ministry for many years yet to come.