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Triple Your Freedom. Multiply Your Impact.

Article Type: Biblical Stewardship , Tips & Insights

Sometimes the cost and hassles of owning property begin to outweigh the benefits your possessions once held.

Consider these ownership burdens…
• Repairing rental property, finding tenants and collecting delinquent payments.
• Maintaining and paying the bills for a vacation home you seldom use.
• Deciding what to do with farmland or machinery for which your children have no interest.

If you have property you no longer need or care to manage, a charitable remainder trust may provide you with THREE powerful benefits.

  1. Release yourself from the hassles and carrying costs of property you no longer care to own.
  2. Receive a charitable deduction at the time of the gift, and avoid the immediate tax bill on its sale.
  3. Free yourself from worry about retirement income by securing payments for life.

What’s more, you’ll be able to repurpose valuable property for God’s Kingdom by donating it toward the mission of your favorite ministries. The potential impact is exponential!

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