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Who’s Greater Than A Billionaire?

Article Type: Biblical Stewardship

Billionaires are pretty great – at least, according to most people. How else can one explain the vast spectrum of influence and opportunity they are afforded?

For example, the governor of my state is a billionaire who paid for his election campaign with his own money. You may be able to cite a similar instance!

How about the way investors hang on every word from Warren Buffet during his company’s annual shareholder meeting? Do your stock tips transform tomorrow’s market place? I didn’t think so.

Like it or not, billionaires matter in ways most of us don’t. If this bothers you, take comfort knowing that, billionaire or not, nobody takes their wealth with them. “Their forms will decay in the grave,” says the psalm writer, “far from their princely mansions.” (Psalm 49:14b, NIV)

Though helpful, this isn’t hopeful. How can the non-billionaire majority find significance apart from owning a personal jet and a chalet in the French Alps? Will we ever experience the kind of celebration so many billionaires enjoy?

True significance isn’t derived from dollars. Instead, it comes from possessing a rock-solid assurance that God’s glory is yours through Christ Jesus.

“But God will redeem me from the realm of the dead,” concludes the psalm writer. “He will surely take me to himself.” (Psalm 49:15, NIV)

Not only does this give hope for unparalleled glory, but it also translates into a life of ultimate significance.

Who’s greater than a billionaire? Turns out, you are — to God’s praise, and even more, to His glory.