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Without This, Generosity Never Happens

Article Type: General Articles, Biblical Stewardship

Here’s a secret: Generous people find it fun to discover new ways to give. This joyful pursuit of new opportunities is one of the reasons they keep giving!

But for the endless varieties of giving, there remains a single source: love.

For example, David once gave land to Mephibosheth, one of Saul’s grandsons (2 Samuel 9). As new king of Israel, he could have viewed Saul’s relative as a serious threat to his rule. Instead, David chose to be generous.

Why? Because David had promised Saul's son Jonathan that, come what may, he would provide for his family. (1 Samuel 20:14) Threat or no threat, he would prove his love for his friend Jonathan by showing uncommon kindness.

Giving land to Mephibosheth wasn’t drudgery or even obligation for David. It was an act of love.

Indeed, David would make generosity the hallmark of his rule to demonstrate how God’s love had changed his life. Above all, everything David had become and everything he owned was because he was loved by God.

Don’t forget this is your story, too! God’s love for you is proved once and for all through Jesus Christ. This is an everything-love against which nothing else can prevail. God’s love cannot be stopped!

When you’re truly loved, you hold on loosely to your stuff and give in as many ways as you can. The possibilities are endless!

And it all begins with love. Without it, generosity never happens. Ever.

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