The Church Stewardship Survey provide valuable insights into your congregation’s attitudes and practices surrounding key disciplines that influence generosity.

Church Stewardship Survey

Church Stewardship Survey

The Church Stewardship Survey is a powerful ministry tool, both for assessment and communication. 

By conducting this survey within your congregation, you will…

  1. Communicate a willingness to listen. This survey provides a tangible means to convey your concern and to discover what’s happening in the hearts and minds of your members
  2. Establish a connection between beliefs and behaviors. The survey covers a variety of topics – from mission and vision to personal practice of spiritual disciplines and generosity. Those who take it will be reminded there is a distinct connection between what we say we value and how this affects our behaviors.
  3. Measure the effectiveness of programming and resources. Your church offers a variety of programs and resources – but are there resulting heart and life changes? This survey will help you identify areas of ministry strength and potential areas for growth.
  4. Identify a plan for improvement. At the completion of this survey, you’ll not only receive a detailed report of your congregation’s responses, but also a practical “plan of attack” for improvement. Gain insight on how to bring your members into a deeper level of spiritual maturity and financial literacy with a clear vision for the impact your church can have on the community and the world.

We recommend churches first take this survey to establish a baseline, and then repeat the survey every three years to reevaluate and see where growth has occurred.

Survey Method

Barnabas Foundation will guide you through all of the steps to achieve a successful survey experience. We will... 

  • Set up a customized online survey with a unique Web URL that members of your congregation can take anonymously. 
  • Develop an easy-to-follow timeline to promote and execute your survey. 
  • Provide a variety of promotional material (newsletter content, bulletin announcements, PowerPoint slide, pulpit announcements, etc.) to ensure widespread participation.

Survey Outcomes

Following the completion of the survey, we will provide you a comprehensive survey report, including:

  • Overview report
  • Demographic Breakdown
  • Survey Results
    • Church Mission and Vision
    • Personal Finances
    • Church Financial Resources
    • Spiritual Disciplines
    • Charitable Giving
    • Will Planning
  • Customized Recommendation
  • Next Steps and Resources

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