Offer your church members who love and support your ministry the option of giving through a foundation – without all the costs and complexities of establishing one on your own.

More and more Christians are giving significant charitable gifts as part of their estate plans, but churches are rarely the recipients. Why? Because most churches aren’t prepared to receive these kinds of complex gifts.

Enable the members of your congregation to give in new and creative ways by allowing Barnabas Foundation to establish and administer a Legacy Foundation on your church’s behalf.

With a Legacy Foundation, your church will be able to receive non-cash and complex gifts that are not normally part of the annual budget:

  • Gifts made through wills
  • Gifts made through charitable trusts or gift annuities
  • Other non-cash or complex gifts such as real estate, stocks, commodities and retirement assets

Your church will be the exclusive beneficiary of all gifts made to the Legacy Foundation established in your church’s name.

Our team has the expertise and the bandwidth to handle all the legal and investment aspects of your Legacy Foundation. We’ll provide you with quarterly reports so that you can monitor asset levels and performance.  And we’ll give you promotional materials to educate your congregation about the Foundation, teaching them how to do effective estate planning.  

Barnabas Foundation will take all the work and the worry out of this important stream of potential ministry support. You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on the things you’ve been called to do.

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