Developing Your Church Vision & Mission

Generosity starts with vision and mission. When you have a clear picture of – and commitment to – God’s unique calling for your church, your ministry will thrive, and believers will want to invest in that calling with their God-given time and resources. 


Vision is a clear, challenging, hope-filled picture from the heart of the future of your ministry, as you believe that it can and must be. Effective leaders keep their vision front and center as they guide their church.

Vision answers the questions…

  • What does God want to accomplish through us?
  • What will our ministry look like to accomplish this?

The Importance of Vision

  • Encourages unity
  • Creates energy
  • Provides purpose
  • Fosters risk taking
  • Enhances leadership
  • Promotes excellence
  • Sustains ministry

Vision can be effectively shared through a vision statement. Often, church vision statements are based on the Great Commission. The best vision statements are inspirational, clear, memorable and concise.  “See it clearly; say it continually; share it creatively.”

Questions to ask as you develop your vision

  • How can the church leadership become hopeful and visionary?
  • What kind of church do we want to be? 
  • What is God’s preferred future for our church? Where do we sense God is leading us?
  • What will our church look like in 3 to 5 years from now? What new things do we intend to pursue?
  • Does our vision statement provide a powerful picture of what our church will look like in 3 to 5 years from now?
  • Does our vision statement clarify the direction in which our church needs to move?
  • Is our vision statement worded in language that inspires and engages people?


Mission is the purpose of the church. It sets a church’s destination, answering the questions…

  • What are we supposed to be doing?
  • What is the primary thing that God has called us to accomplish?
  • What are we attempting to do for God and for our people?

A mission statement is an expression of strategic intent. It summarizes and provides the church with its biblical task, and it defines the results that it seeks to obtain. Like vision statements, church mission statements are often based on the Great Commission.

Three common mission statement formats:

The mission of (the Church Name) is to …

Our mission is to …

(The Church Name) seeks to …

Questions to ask as you develop your mission statement

  • What is our Church supposed to be doing?
  • Who will we serve, and how will we serve these people?
  • Can we articulate our mission in a written statement?
  • What words communicate best with our target group?
  • Do people understand what we have written?
  • Is our mission statement broad enough?
  • Is our statement clear?
  • Is the mission statement brief and simple? Does the mission pass the T-shirt test?
  • Is our mission memorable?