In God We Trust - Kids (K-5)

In God We Trust is an engaging 4-week DVD-based curriculum from Crown Financial Ministries that teaches kids (kindergarten to fifth grade) how to give, save, and spend money wisely.


  • One of the most striking things about this program is how well it uses a fun, high-energy lesson format to communicate solid, Bible-based financial principles. 
  • Getting started is easy with a short, humorous instructional video that walks leaders through the lesson format (with shots of kids in class) and a single-sheet "Quick Start" guide. 
  • The DVD lessons are masterfully done with cutting-edge music and videography that would appeal to kids. Real-life situations are used to set up the lesson (i.e. a couple of boys playing a video game on the couch). And the Bible stories are creatively told (i.e. a guy walks through a toy store looking at toys while telling the Bible story of the rich man who couldn't part with his stuff). 
  • A thoughtfully-produced CD-ROM includes a step-by-step leader's guide, in-class games, and take-home cards for the refrigerator and personal meditation time. 
  • One of the best ways to evaluate a program is from people who have used it. Below are selected quotes from a church that experienced a great blessing using In God We Trust:
  • "The material was extremely user friendly and our volunteers loved using it."
  • "In God We Trust made it so easy to understand [stewardship] that even the adults were making comments that they wish it could be taught this way in 'Big church.'" 
  • “You could see and hear the children responding to what they were being taught.”
  • “The feedback from parents was very positive...."The Fridge" and "God Time" cards were very effective and actually provided a great way for parents to continue teaching their children at home during the week." 
  • "Thanks for teaching my kids that my truck is not really mine.” (they graciously informed me that it was really God’s truck).

Things to be aware of

  • The Crown web site suggests a companion resource entitled "Family Times Virtue Pack" (sold separately) that parents and children can also do at home. This may not be necessary, however, as the In God We Trust kit provides ample quality resources for home use. 
  • Although the kit includes a wealth of high-quality materials (and Crown likely invested significant resources in this project), the cost of the program may be a concern for some (as of this writing it is priced at $150). The tangible products you receive in the mail are 1 DVD, 3 CDs, and Quick Start Guide - everything else you download and print yourself (including the game board for one of the in-class games).