Instructions for Transferring Securities to Barnabas Foundation

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Provide your broker with this document to transfer your gift of securities to Barnabas Foundation.

Below are the instructions to transfer your gift of securities to Barnabas Foundation:

DTC: 0385, E*Trade Securities, LLC

For the Account of: Barnabas Foundation, EIN #36-2904503

Account Number: 5550-3250

E*Trade Contact:

Phone: 1.800.503.9260

The gift amount for charitable donation purposes will be the average of the high and low price per share for the donated shares on the day we receive them at E*Trade Securities, LLC.

Be sure to notify Cindi Riemersma or Joan Santefort at Barnabas Foundation 888.448.3040 when you are sending the shares so we can be on the lookout for them. Our normal policy is to sell the security upon receipt. However, be sure to notify us of any special selling instructions you may have.

We will acknowledge receipt of your contribution and its value for IRS reporting purposes, as well as the net amount which will be deposited into your Stewards Fund account. If you have questions regarding these instructions, please contact:

Cindi Riemersma Client Services Administrator or 888.448.3040.