Sample IRA Administrator Request

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Use this template to draft a letter to your administrator to request a portion of your IRA be distributed to charity. 

Use the following guide for e-mail and/or phone contact with your IRA Administrator…

Please accept this request to make a direct IRA Charitable Rollover distribution from my Individual Retirement Account # (Account Number) as provided by the law.

Please issue a check in the amount of $___________ payable to the organization at address below:

(Legal Name of Charity) Address City, State, Zip Attn: Name

In your transmittal to the charity, please memorialize my name and address as the donor of record in connection with this transfer. Please copy me on your transmittal.

It is my intention to have this transfer qualify for exclusion during the 2015 tax year. Therefore, it is imperative this distribution be postmarked no later than December 31, 2015.