Sample Stewardship Mission/Vision Statements

"To educate, encourage, and equip the saints of Pine Creek Church to live a Christ honoring lifestyle, acknowledging God's ownership of all we possess, and leading God's people into lives of gratitude, generosity, and good deeds all for the growth of God's Kingdom".  Pine Creek CRC  

“To stimulate an awareness of spiritual stewardship involving time, talent, treasure leading to a desire for personal decision toward a disciplined life in a delightful communion of the saints.” Calvin CRC – G/R


“To educate the Friendship congregation on the Biblical principles of stewardship so all members develop the desire, make the decision, develop the discipline and enjoy the delight of proper stewardship.” Friendship – Byron Ctr


“Since everything we have is from God, and we are His stewards, we aim to teach and encourage all ages in the congregation to practice stewardship with intentionality and accountability, so that they may all reap the blessings and joys of being faithful.” Hillcrest CRC


“The Stewardship Committee’s purpose is to help members mature (in Christ) as responsible stewards, recognizing that everything we have is a gift/loan from God, we will encourage all members to use their God-given abilities for the benefit of others as an expression of thankfulness to God.” Mt. Vernon CRC


“The purpose of the Stewardship Team is to continually instruct, stimulate, encourage, and challenge the concept and ongoing practice of stewardship by the “body” of Oasis Community Church.” Oasis Community Church


“Because our world belongs to God, and He gives us all things to manage and His Word to guide us, Orland Park CRC desires to educate, train, and encourage its members to thoughtfully, joyfully, generously, and thankfully practice a godly firstfruits lifestyle; thereby meeting the ministry needs of our church community and beyond.”
-Orland Park CRC

“The Stewardship Committee exists to encourage members of all ages to be faithful stewards of the finances that God has given us so that we may experience the joy of participating in God’s mission.” -Fellowship CRC (Grandville)

“Acknowledging that every thing we have is from God, we strive to encourage and teach members of all ages within the church to practice stewardship as responsible citizens in the Kingdom of God, so that we may all attain the rich blessings God desires to bestow on us.” -Lee Street CRC


“Through prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit, we purpose to educate, train, encourage, and Biblically motivate all ages of our membership to know and to obediently and joyfully implement God’s principles for godly stewardship of all that He has entrusted to us, being aware of all His promises and blessings to us.” -Shawnee Park CRC


“The stewardship team exists to serve God by empowering SLCC to exercise God-honoring stewardship over all of its resources.  This will be done by:

  • Trusting in God for all that His Church requires.
  • Fostering an environment of fiscal responsibility.
  • Teaching stewardship principles.
  • Planning for future ministry needs.

 -Suburban Life Community

“The stewardship committee serves by nurturing and developing the gift of joy-filled giving by Calvary CRC members, supporting the elders and deacons in their goal of developing and maintaining Calvary Church as a model for Christian stewardship and lifestyle.” -Calvary CRC


“The Stewardship Committee is to provide an umbrella under which the united efforts of stewardship in the congregation take place.  It will do so in close cooperation with the Council and church leadership as a whole.  The Committee will promote and encourage joyful giving of time, talents, and treasure, coordinate stewardship initiatives, and work to advise the council and church leadership on policies and procedures that will encourage stewardship at Westview. “ -Westview CRC – G/R

“To empower, teach and encourage members of PHCRC to glorify God with all they have been given because of God’s grace to them.” -Palos Heights CRC, IL