Sample IRA Rollover Gift Receipt Letter

This is sample material for your use in communicating this gifting opportunity to your supporters. 

Dear (Donor):

Thank you for your gift in the amount of $_________ from your Individual Retirement Account. We are writing to acknowledge that we received your gift directly from your plan trustee/administrator and that it is your intention for all or a portion of your gift to qualify as a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA under section 408(d)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code.

In that connection, we warrant to you that our organization is qualified under section 170(b)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code and that your gift was not transferred to either a donor advised fund or a supporting organization as described in section 509(a)(3).

We further warrant that no goods or services of any value were or will be transferred to you in connection with this gift.

Please retain this letter with your important tax documents and provide a copy to your tax preparer.

Thank you for your generous contribution to our organization.