Enhance your church’s spiritual and financial health by helping believers experience the joy of generous living. 

Embrace stewardship as a way of life

Prepare believers for greater impact

Increase your capacity for ministry

How we serve churches

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Barnabas Foundation offers churches a variety of services and resources to educate, inspire, and equip believers to honor and trust God with their resources. 

When individuals and families allow God to direct their time, talents and treasure for His glory, they experience the richness of gratitude, self-control, peace and joy. They'll also have greater impact sharing the love of Jesus in the communities they're called to serve.

We’ll help your church: 

  • Measure the current attitudes and behaviors in your church surrounding key spiritual disciplines (Bible study, prayer, church attendance, financial giving, etc.)
  • Map out a plan to help your church members grow in their knowledge of, and commitment to, biblical stewardship
  • Take the stigma out of talking about money (through biblically sound sermons and small group studies)
  • Identify creative and natural ways to weave stewardship into all 12 months of the church calendar
  • Provide guidance to individuals and families about will planning and complex gifts that require professional assistance
  • Establish a Legacy Foundation for your church, if you don’t already have one
  • Receive non-cash gifts for your church (such as real estate, stocks and commodities)

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